Jun 13, 2010

Bad Vacuum. Bad, Bad Vacuum...

Vacuums can be very scary things for kitty cats. It takes a very brave one to stand up to the big, bad vacuum, and Vamp the cat -- with his "superior kung fu ninja skills -- is definitely one of those brave kitties!

(For a far less scary vacuum, check out this hamster vacuum!)


  1. That's one brave kitteh to stand and fight! I would run and hide.

  2. He is too very cute!!

  3. I find it is best just to ignore the thing. That way they quit pestering you.

  4. Wot a furry brave kitteh. I would be running for my life. I admit it, I is a skeerdy cat, ummm, make that skeerdy dog, with the vakoom monster

  5. Oh, we hate the vacuum at our house too, even if it has never tried to suck up our kitties.

  6. MOL hehehehe momma says dat is LociLu and da hair dryer but she has also been known to swat other objects too likes da remote control MOL


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