Jan 23, 2010

Kitty Cat on the Prowl...

Whoever took this video was very, very brave. Because normally, when you see a cat look like this one does at the beginning of the video, it's probably a good idea to run for your life! Or at least put on your full kitty-attack armor and hope for the best.

Make sure you stay to the end of this one -- it's the best part!

Jan 22, 2010

Cow Cat Scratching Frenzy!

As far as I'm concerned, the only thing better than a cow cat is a whole herd of cow cats! And if this herd was doing something particular cute, like, say... frantically practicing their synchronized scratching technique... Even cuter!

Bonus: This cow cat herd has been on the Cute before! See more of them here.

Jan 21, 2010

Conan the Kitty and his Twin

Conan the kitten has just met his twin -- he just hasn't figured out that it's really him in the mirror yet...

The first meeting is a little rocky, and they don't start off as the best of friends. But as the days go on, I think they really come to love each other!

Remember Conan from Kitten Makes a Dramatic Entrance?!

Jan 20, 2010

Guess What? The Live Shiba Inu Puppy Cam is Back!

Oh, Cuteheads... Do I have a treat for you today! Remember last year's live streaming Shiba Inu Puppy Cam that took the world by storm? (I posted about it here: The first Shiba Inu Puppy Cam.) Well, it's back!

The mommy, Kika, had another little of puppies -- and they're back on 24-hour streaming Shiba Inu Puppy Cam cuteness!

Kika's five puppies were born on January 16 (three boys and two girls), so they're just babies right now! Be sure to come back to the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam often to watch them play, eat, be cute and grow up!

Live Video streaming by Ustream

P.S. Don't tell work, but the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam is going to be playing in the background of what I'm doing all day! I love it. Enjoy!

Jan 19, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: This is MY Spot!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! I'm sure you missed Pimp and Moo -- since Lenox and Diamond were featured for Two Cats last week (they still need a forever home!) -- and they missed you, too!

This week, Moo is going to demonstrate how we get ready for bed, a.k.a. how Moo beats me to the best spot.

Thanks for pulling the comforter down, Mom... I was having a hard time getting to the pillow. This is much more comfortable.

I mean, you did pull it down so that I could get in this awesome spot on your side of the bed, right? *high paw*

This spot is so pawsome! Just look at how I can hug the pillow and streeeeetch out and all.

You weren't planning on sleeping here, were you?

Oh, and don't think Pimp was letting me sit on my chair earlier either...

...or on the couch.

Who's house is this anyway?! Clearly, it's the cats'.

Jan 18, 2010

Playing "I Spy" With the Cat

Remember the game "I Spy" -- where you say I spy with my own two eyes... something _____, and you fill in the blank? Well, this cat is looking for something blue.

And he's very, very clever. And stubborn. And cute. Enjoy!

Big thanks to Lin and Duck and Wheel with String for sharing this cute cat video!

Jan 17, 2010

Put Down the Phone and Pay Attention to Me!

Surely the conversation can wait... I mean, really. What could be more important that petting, scratching, scritching, giving treats to or snuggling with your cat?

Don't talk and pet. Just pet. :)

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