Nov 11, 2008

Puppy Cam: Shiba Inu Puppies 24/7!

NEW: Check out the 24/7 Live Kitty Cam, too!

I've had two people send me this link yesterday, and it breaks my little heart. So cute!

It's live streaming video of puppies... furry little teddy bear-looking puppies. And they snuggle and cuddle and stretch and, well, mostly sleep, but whatever. Cuties!

There are six little Shiba Inus on the puppy cam (until I saw this, I didn't even know what a Shibu Inu was), and I want one! Look and love...

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Free TV : Ustream

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  2. i just got to watch one lick his brother's (or sister's) little butt. how precious.

  3. I love it when they climb on each other! And they make little growl noises... Awwww.


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