Jun 6, 2009

Ginger Kitty Plays Patty Cake

Pretty sure this is the cat version of Patty Cake. Either that or some kind of hokey pokey -- you put your right paw up, you put your right paw down...

Either way, looks like a fun game!

Funny Cat Squishes His Face in a Water Glass

Not satisfied with just lapping a few drops off his paws, this kitty goes for broke -- and I'm surprised the glass isn't broken after his amazingly squishy attempt.

My cats like to drink the water from my glass, but this is something else!

More smooshy faces, please.

Jun 5, 2009

Do the Hustle -- Kitty Dance Party!

It's like Soul Train, but for kitties!

These two crazy cats have all the moves to make the ladies swoon. Forget two-steppin'... these funky felines are four-steppin'!

(Note from Cute: The first 20 seconds are a little dull, but don't give up -- it gets good!)

More dancing kitties, please.

Kitty on the Hunt (with extreme closeup!)

Oh, how I love extreme closeups of extremely cute animals! Extreme closeup = on Your Daily Cute for sure!

This latest one is suuuuper cute -- a kitty on hunt. Somehow, his human gets him to hunt the camera lens... so he's sniffing your computer screen! So cute! Enjoy.

Jun 4, 2009

Shameless Use of a Cute Puppy to Get Views? OK.

There's a new show starting tonight, and apparently the PR person for them is passing this video around, asking all the "cute" blogs to post it to get the word out. It's not a bad trick...

You see, there's a cute puppy in the video, and you know how we feel about cute puppies (more, more, more!). So, you want us to post the video for you? OK, we'll buy it. The cute doggie deserves the attention. :)

The show is Tosh.0, and it's on Comedy Central tonight at 10pm EST if you want to see, presumably, more cute puppies. It's a show about the Internet, fun blogs, sites and more. We'll see how it goes.

Lab Walking his Mini Dashchund Buddy

We've seen dogs walking dogs before, but this one is super cute!

First of all, it's a miniature dachshund, and we all KNOW how much I want one. Second, this lab is really walking his little buddy -- when he stops, his buddy stops. When he walks, they start walking again.

What a good doggie walker he is!

Jun 3, 2009

Are These Gorillas Flirting?

A couple days ago, Cute showed you some cute penguins smooching. Today, we've got an even bigger love story... gorillas!

These two are very flirtatious -- a little *wink* action, some manly posing, possibly a shy sideways glance from the (lovely?) lady... Rarrr, indeed.

Persian and a Parakeet are BFF!

This floofy Persian kitty and spunky parakeet have an unlikely little bond... they're the best of friends!

No one ever told the kitty that she's supposed to want to chase and eat the birdie, but let's keep it that way! It's way cuter to see them sleeping and cuddling with each other anyway... Aww!

More kitties lovin' birdies, please.

Forget Coins in the Couch... I Found a Kitty!

For my next trick, I'll make this cute kitty disappear. On the count of three...

1... 2... (squeeeeeeze) 3... Tada!

And now I'll make him reappear...

Jun 2, 2009

Thanks for Entering!

Thank you for entering Your Daily Cute's camo cat collar contest! Winner will be chosen on Thursday, July 30.

Good luck!

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The Dog Ate My Bills

Ooh! Ooh! The mailman's coming! The mailman's coming! Yippee skippee yummy mail!

At least if this person is ever late paying their bills, they can have a halfway decent excuse -- the dog at their bills. Eating homework was so last decade...

More jumpy doggies, please.

Jun 1, 2009

Kitty Defends His Melon

That is MY melon! You don't take it from me, you let me eat it all up and you don't interrupt me while I'm nomming it! MY melon!

Oh, and you don't put a pencil or any fingers in my face while I'm trying to enjoy MY melon. It's delicious, and I'm going to eat it all up -- no matter what pokey, bothery thing you stick in my way...

More kitty food fight, please.

May 31, 2009

Little Baby Rhino and His Mom

I suppose today'll end up being zoo day at Your Daily Cute... (Did you see the kissing penguins from earlier?)

That said, I'd like to add "baby rhino" to my I WANT! list. He could live at my house and sleep on my couch and make cute baby rhino noises (I have no idea what noise baby rhinos make, but I'm assuming it's a cute little sound.)

My favorite part of this video is about halfway through where she just kind of is looking at the camera and smiling...

Wanna see more big babies? How about Jessica the hippo!

Cute Penguins Smooching

Two cute penguins sitting in the zoo...
First comes love,
Then comes marriage...

...then comes Cute with our latest post!

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