Aug 22, 2009

Elvis Does NOT Want to Take a Bath

Note from Cute: Oh no! The video got disabled. :( Posting a new cute super-fast... check back in a minute! (He was so cute too. What a bummer.)

Elvis does not want to take a bath. In fact, don't even try it -- he'll go all ninja hamster on you, so watch out. Elvis is NOT playing around.

How about a hamster vacuum next, please.

Cat "Helps" Make the Bed

Happy Caturday, everyone! A couple days ago we were talking on Twitter about how cats love to "help" make the bed. I know my cat, Moo, makes it absolutely impossible, and after hearing everyone else chime in, he's definitely not the only sheet freak out there.

And then I just found this video... Proof pawsitive!

Want more bed sheet kitty? Here's the sequel. It's getting crazy under there!

Aug 21, 2009

Dog Squats: Dog Working Out

If any doggies out there need to lose a little weight or just tone up some, I highly recommend the doggie workout routine in the video below -- you'll have barkatular legs in no time... and look cute doing it!

Perhaps you'd rather try the dancing dog routine?

*Thanks to Cute's friend Cathy for showing us this dog working out video!

Aug 20, 2009

Make Your Own Squirrel Crasher Picture!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Cute video for a really fun thing you can do -- make your own Squirrel Crasher picture!

Remember the original squirrel crasher vacation photo? It's taken over the interwebs... This couple was taking an timed picture when this squirrel jumped in and crashed their picture party. Best. Vacation. Photo. Ever!

Well, today I came across a site that lets you make your own squirrel crasher picture! Yay! Check out the one I did of my cat Pimp:

Hey, there's a squirrel in my picture...

It's just too much fun! So here's your assignment: Make your own squirrel crasher photo -- and if you do, put a link to it in the comment section below so we can all laugh and giggle at each others!

Click here to make your own squirrel crasher photo! (And don't forget to leave a link!)

Cat Opens Jar (With No Thumbs? Wow!)

I keep our treats in a jar, so this video kind of tells me I should probably think of something a little more secure... Last thing I want to do is come home from work one day and have both kitties all fat and lazy from having eating an entire jar of cat treats!

How about a cat who catches treats next, please?

*Thanks to Cute's friend Geoffrey for showing us this cute cat video!

Aug 19, 2009

Thriller Kitten - a Meow with Moves!

Someone should put this kitty on So You Think You Can Dance!

How about some techno kittens next, please?

Originally found on From Kittens to Cats.

Aug 18, 2009

Baaa-Baa Baby Lamb

Baaa-baa baby lamb,
Have you any cute?
Yes sir, no sir,
A whole screen full!

How about a baby rhino next, please?

Cute Coupon Offer!

The people at World's Best Cat Litter offered up a special discount to Cute readers -- just click here and get $4 off a bag of their cat litter! Discount on cat litter? Yes, please!

I don't know about you, but like it told the World's Best Cat Litter people... I think my two kitties could give "World's Best" a run for their title!

Aug 17, 2009

Cute's Top 10 Cute Cats of All Time!

Exactly one year ago this week, a very special thing happened -- Your Daily Cute was born! It seems like just yesterday, but somehow all this time has passed. So many cutes, so much fun!

So to celebrate our birthday, we're going to post our top posts of all time all this week. If it's too cute for you, I understand -- but if you can handle the uber cuteness, we'll start here...

Top 10 Cat Cutes!

1. How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

Cat in a Vase

You Know You're a Cat Person When...

Talking Cat Says Hello

Kittens vs. Toilet Paper

Kitlers: Cats with Hitler Mustaches

7. Cats on a Slide: Who Needs a Treadmill?

Two Talking Cats

9. Thoughts on Cat Baths

Fat Cat in a Little Box

Hope you enjoy all these cute cat posts! Don't worry, once you click on one, you'll be able to get to all of them from that page.

Happy Birthday to us!

Baby Horse Cuddles Up in Mom's Lap

This newborn baby horse knows where he's safest -- in his mom's lap. (I know! I didn't know horses did this either.) These pictures were taken right after the little guy was born. Mom was tired and laid down, and he cuddled right up with her! Beautiful, isn't it?

More baby horses, please.

*Thanks to Cute's friend Marsha for passing on these baby horse pictures!

Aug 16, 2009

Are You Serious, Bird?

Seriously crow. Are you kidding me? You don't scare me. In fact, I don't even see you. You're so un-scary that I'm not even going to face you. Actually, now that I think about it, I'll just get more comfortable.

And you can quit your squawking, too. I don't hear you either. Does anyone hear anything? Anyone? Silly crow...

More crows and kittens, please.

Kitty Jump Wind-Up (It's Maru!)

Now, I've seen many cats do this jump attack, but I'm not sure I've ever seen the technique Maru uses... Most cats and kittens get veeeery low and slowly ease into the butt wiggle action before making the pounce.

Maru, however, is more advanced. He add an extra step -- the Front Paw Curl. Watch and learn, kitties:

More Maru cat videos, please.

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