Aug 22, 2009

Elvis Does NOT Want to Take a Bath

Note from Cute: Oh no! The video got disabled. :( Posting a new cute super-fast... check back in a minute! (He was so cute too. What a bummer.)

Elvis does not want to take a bath. In fact, don't even try it -- he'll go all ninja hamster on you, so watch out. Elvis is NOT playing around.

How about a hamster vacuum next, please.


  1. This is just the cutest!! I love to come here, you always make me smile!!

    An award is waiting for you over at Candles, Crafts and Whatnot. Congrats!

    :) Kat

  2. Gotta love that! I swear as a kid every pet I had was named Elvis.

  3. Thanks for telling me, Melvin! I wouldn't have figured it out for a while, probably... :( New Cute comin' right up!


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