Aug 23, 2009

Kitten Sneaks Up on Little Fox

This reminds me of the bird sneaking up on the cat video, except this time it's the cat doing the sneaking.

The floofy white kitten is veeeery slowly, veeeery carefully inching his way up to the ridiculously cute fennec fox (A close-up, yay!)... and then he realized what he's doing, and the fox realizes, too. Someone gets the ol' one-two -- watch to find out who!


  1. adorable, you have some of the best movies and photos out there!!!

  2. Wow that's cool. I can't believe that fox is on a leash. Must be somebody's pet?

  3. Fennec Foxes are AMAZING.

  4. Cute! With those ears how can anything sneak up on that fox? Do people really keep foxes for pets?

  5. I have never heard of Fennec Foxes, much less they are kept as pets??? They are adorable, but SHOULD they be kept as pets???


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