Aug 28, 2009

Now THIS is a Crazy Cat Lady...

You know how people put those little stick figures on the back windows of their cars to represent their families? You'll see a mom, a dad, a cheerleader daughter, a hockey-playing son, a baby and a dog -- or something like that.

Well, I admit I threatened to put a woman and two cat stickers on the back of mine (The idea was immediately shot down by my boyfriend: "You can't do that to a Beemer!" Whatever.), but this is taking it to an extreme...

You think she's a crazy cat lady? You think?

*I found this on Cute With Chris -- cute video blogs he does!


  1. yep dat a crazy cat lady alright MOL

    My humanz went lukin fur dem stickers n all da kittehs wuz sold out. now we know why!

  2. I think that is fantastic. I would have put more on there. Where did you get those???

  3. LOL! I think she is a tad bit crazy about cats! I have cat and dog stickers from Disneyland so they are wearing mouse ears. I haven't put them on my car yet though.

  4. Wow...that's A LOT of kitties!! Mom has a GSD sticker on the back of her car...but I think this lady has gone tooooo far! I can't even count that high!

  5. Anna, I lose count, too! There must be like 20 kitties there!


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