Aug 28, 2009

Who's that Puppy in the Mirror?!

Oh, another puppy! Hi puppy! You wanna play, puppy! I'll give you kisses, puppy! Look, puppy, we both like to jump! Yay! A friend!

Tilly the Jack Russell puppy just noticed herself in the mirror for the first time in this video -- and she couldn't be more thrilled about her new friend.


  1. Animals are so funny with mirrors or anything with their reflections...heh heh

  2. How cute! I'm glad that puppy found such a cute friend.

  3. Shame Tilly is also the name of my friend's jack russell that passed away earlier this year.

    Cute video - hope she didn't get hurt when she jumped up against the mirror like this - but, lol, looked like she then kissed "herself" better afterwards.


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