Aug 27, 2009

Kitten Says "Yum Yum Yum"

Those must be some good noms! Little Allen the kitten can't stop talking about how yummy it is -- yum, yum, yum...

I have to admit, my attention usually wanders after about a minute of watching a video, but Allen has be mesmerized the whole way though. Not even sure why. It's just so cute!

More loud nommers, please.

*Thanks to Cute's friend Kerri for passing on this cute nomming kitten!


  1. He is so cute I wish my kitties would talk ;) but then again maybe not.

  2. hahahaha! yum, yum, yum! OMC, this is so funny! He just doesn't stop!

  3. this kitten is so cute! i want to take him home now.

  4. Silly kitty! I guess it loves it's food.

  5. Yum! Yum! Yum!
    Somebody is going to grow up to be a strong kitty.

  6. I've seen this about 5 times now - it's gone viral- and I love it every time.

  7. This is my video.. Allan is a year old now, and has grown to be the largest of the four. He doesn't say yum anymore, but still talks A LOT. Sometimes too much.

  8. Awww! I'm so glad you found it on my blog! Allan is such a cutie. So he doesn't say yum? Does he still make noise when he eats? We were all wondering if that was common for kitties...

    It's such a cute video -- and he's so cute, too!

  9. 1st he adorable cause he looks like me MOL

    but i would be inclined to say dat a form of food aggression wot iz not so cute.

    He only talks when da human or utter kitteh gets close or makes a move towrd he.

    as long as he not hiss, scratchin n biting guess i will stick wif say he cute.

  10. That's one little pint size tough guy!! Love it!


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