Nov 3, 2012

Moe Needs a Ride to Michigan and a Jamie Update and Pics!

UPDATE 12/5/12: Moe has a ride to his forever home! He is flying on Saturday, December 8 with fellow Cutehead Wendy K., who rearranged her travel plans so she could bring him along. Yay, Moe!

Whew! We have a lot to cover today!

First, Moe the kitten from Pompano Animal Control down here is officially SAFE! Fellow Cutehead, Paul G., has stepped up to give him a fabulous forever home!

Now we just need to do what we Cuteheads do best... Get Moe to his new home!

This is going to be our biggest transport mission yet. Moe is going to need to travel from Fort Lauderdale to Lachine, Michigan -- 1,570 miles! -- and I know we can pull it off!

Here is a video of Moe, just before he was rescued from the shelter. He is now safe in boarding, but he can't stay there for long -- he needs to get to his new daddy!

Isn't he adorable?! Moe say get MEOWt of Florida and up to Michigan!

Moe was an animal control for over a month, which is a miracle for a black kitty. Somehow he kept making the cut every week (black cats don't have much luck there, unfortunately) and managed not to get sick. I am so happy Paul G. stepped up to adopt him when he did. Moe was super urgent!

Here are some of the major cities along the way... Do you live in any of them (or in between or near any?) and have a few hours to help give Moe a ride?

Port St. Lucie, Orlando, Ocala, Gainesville, Valdosta, Macon, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Lexington, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo...

Moe is safe and he wants to ride in your car!
If you can help transport Moe, please fill out this form. It is only for me and that way I know what city you live in, how far you'd be willing to go and contact info.

If you can't drive or you're not along his route, would you please share? The more people who see, the more people who might be able to help!

Let's get Michigan Moe to Michigan ASAP! I know we can do this. We always find a way to come through for these wonderful kitties.

And THANK YOU to Paul G. for adopting Moe and wanting to make him part of his family!

Here is the link to the form again. Thanks, everyone!


Remember Jamie, the kitten we helped transport from Greenville, SC to Hollywood, FL last weekend? Well he is happy and great and adjusting purrfectly!

Here are some pictures from his new mommy. I'm so glad we could help him get to her!

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Nov 2, 2012

Dancing Chorus Line of Fluffy Kittens

A quintet of cute kittens lines up and dances in sync to the melody. For such fuzzy little things, they sure do have some moves!

I particularly like when they kind of lean their heads forward. Such advanced choreography work!

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Nov 1, 2012

Oh Hai. Just Passing Through!

What you see here is a cute black kitten looking cute.

But wait! What is that other black cat doing? And why is he giving us the side-eye as he totally interrupts the other cat's moment to shine on camera?

BONUS CUTE: Here are 10 Reasons You Should Adopt a Black Cat!

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Oct 31, 2012

Cat Opens Door for Puppies

Buster the cat and all his puppy buddies want in from outside, but the sliding glass door is closed. This would be a problem for almost any other cat, but not Buster!

After several seconds of thinking about it (look at how he cocks his head to the side - so funny!), he finally makes up his mind to take things into his own paws and open that darn door himself.

And then the parade of fuzzy friends waltzes on in!

P.S. Don't forget to nominate your favorite shelter for this year's Santa Paws Drive! Nominations close November 2nd, so do it soon! Santa Paws Drive is a charity drive I started a few years ago where we collect donations and send holiday cheer (toys, treats and cash!), to shelter animals each year. It's my favorite thing to do!

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Oct 30, 2012

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp and Moo's Halloween Costumes!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today Pimp and Moo want to show you their costumes... They are breakfast!

What do I mean? Well, you'll see. Pimp is a sizzling piece of bacon and Moo is a goofy banana!

We are cute enough to eat!
Arent they just ridiculous? I'm telling you what, I could hardly take this picture because I was laughing so hard that my phone was shaking. I'm surprised any came out in focus!

Iiiiiiittttttt's BACON! 
This is actually the first costume that Pimp has seemed to not mind. Usually he hides and gets really low and tries to get away, but he just sat there and didn't even make a run for under the bed. And he posed! He is such a good boy.

I am unpeeling you with my eyes.
And Moo... This is what was cracking me up. This banana costume just killed me. I think I was crying from laughing so hard. Isn't he adorable?

Are your kitties dressing up? Everyone have a fun and safe Halloween tomorrow!

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Oct 29, 2012

Teddy the Talking Porcupine Loves Pumpkin (and a Jamie Update!)

Teddy the talking porcupine is very vocal about how much he loves his food. He talks and talks! And don't you dare try to take it away from him... He'll tell you about that, too!

Here he is trying pumpkin for the first time. Perfect for Halloween this week!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who followed along yesterday with Jamie the cat's transport! Such a wonderful group of people who came together to get him to his new home!

Here is a picture of Jamie and his new mom!

Magda and Jamie!
P.P.S. Tomorrow for Two Cats Tuesday, Pimp and Moo are going to show you their Halloween costumes! We're so excited!

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Oct 28, 2012

It's Transport Day: Jamie the Cat's 744-Mile Road Trip!

Jamie is one lucky kitty!
Today is my favorite kind of day! Cuteheads from all different states are getting together to drive a kitty hundreds of miles to his new home!

Jamie the kitty is going from Greenville, SC all the way to Hollywood, FL today -- 744 miles total!

Jamie was dumped, confused and crying, outside a dog shelter in Greenville, SC and a friend of a friend of Cute took him in and rescued him... and set out to find him the perfect forever home.

Word spread far and wide, led by our good bloggy buddies Brian's Home and Mario's Meowsings. And a miracle came in the form of another friend of Cute -- the woman who's cat tweets as @MizzBassie on Twitter said she would adopt him!

Now we just had to get Jamie from South Carolina to South Florida! They asked if I could help arrange transport, and of course I said yes! I just knew we Cuteheads could help make it happen. And it did!

Today Jamie is leaving Greenville early in the morning and will have a long day and a long road trip, with nine different people helping him get home. I am always so awed and thankful that we have such a fabulous community here among us. This couldn't have happened without everyone's help!

I'll be doing the last leg of the journey and get the pleasure of delivering Jamie to his new mom, a lovely woman who I've know through Twitter and blogs for years but have never gotten to meet. I'm so happy she is adopting Jamie. I know he will have the best home!

Jamie, lounging around the night before his big road trip day.
As usual, I'll be sharing updates on Your Daily Cute's Facebook page and on Twitter (we'll be using the hashtag #JamieRoadTrip if you want to follow along!). Let's cheer on all the amazingly wonderful drivers and wish Jamie a safe trip home!

HUGE thank you to Terry F., Melanie M., Georgia M., Debra S., Sharon S., Trish W., Carol P. for volunteering to help drive Jamie today -- and especially Magda (@MizzBassie's mom!) for adopting him!

P.S. Pimp has a vet appointment today. He has decided he doesn't like the prescription food he's eating to manage his hyperthyroid and has been getting into Moo's food on the sly. I know his levels are off because he's lost a little weight, so we're going in to see about medication instead of the food. I really don't want to do that to him every day, but we have to do what we have to do! I'll keep you all posted on that, too.

P.P.S. If you'd like to volunteer for future transports (please!), please fill out this short form, which just gives me your name and what city you live in and how far you'd be willing to drive. That way, when the next one comes up (I think we're going to need to get a kitty to Michigan really soon, hint, hint!), then I can see who is in the areas we'll be driving to and reach out for help. THANK YOU! Here is the link to the form:

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