Oct 31, 2012

Cat Opens Door for Puppies

Buster the cat and all his puppy buddies want in from outside, but the sliding glass door is closed. This would be a problem for almost any other cat, but not Buster!

After several seconds of thinking about it (look at how he cocks his head to the side - so funny!), he finally makes up his mind to take things into his own paws and open that darn door himself.

And then the parade of fuzzy friends waltzes on in!

P.S. Don't forget to nominate your favorite shelter for this year's Santa Paws Drive! Nominations close November 2nd, so do it soon! Santa Paws Drive is a charity drive I started a few years ago where we collect donations and send holiday cheer (toys, treats and cash!), to shelter animals each year. It's my favorite thing to do!

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  1. OMC -- that is one smart, agile cat. Loved it.

  2. Agree!! One Smart Cat, that Buster!!

  3. Happy Halloween. That was so cute.

  4. It had to be the cat. A dog would have just run into it.

  5. It's amazing what cats can do with those little paws when they want to. Mary used to open the window to get outside so had to keep it locked. Another not so funny thing was a breeder had to put slide locks on the doors of her house because her stud male used to swing on the doorknobs to get to the queens! Not always the best planned program but there was only one stud at that time. He was clever!

  6. So cute! We once had a "mentally challenged" cat and I was amazed at what the other cats would do for her.


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