Nov 3, 2012

Moe Needs a Ride to Michigan and a Jamie Update and Pics!

UPDATE 12/5/12: Moe has a ride to his forever home! He is flying on Saturday, December 8 with fellow Cutehead Wendy K., who rearranged her travel plans so she could bring him along. Yay, Moe!

Whew! We have a lot to cover today!

First, Moe the kitten from Pompano Animal Control down here is officially SAFE! Fellow Cutehead, Paul G., has stepped up to give him a fabulous forever home!

Now we just need to do what we Cuteheads do best... Get Moe to his new home!

This is going to be our biggest transport mission yet. Moe is going to need to travel from Fort Lauderdale to Lachine, Michigan -- 1,570 miles! -- and I know we can pull it off!

Here is a video of Moe, just before he was rescued from the shelter. He is now safe in boarding, but he can't stay there for long -- he needs to get to his new daddy!

Isn't he adorable?! Moe say get MEOWt of Florida and up to Michigan!

Moe was an animal control for over a month, which is a miracle for a black kitty. Somehow he kept making the cut every week (black cats don't have much luck there, unfortunately) and managed not to get sick. I am so happy Paul G. stepped up to adopt him when he did. Moe was super urgent!

Here are some of the major cities along the way... Do you live in any of them (or in between or near any?) and have a few hours to help give Moe a ride?

Port St. Lucie, Orlando, Ocala, Gainesville, Valdosta, Macon, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Lexington, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo...

Moe is safe and he wants to ride in your car!
If you can help transport Moe, please fill out this form. It is only for me and that way I know what city you live in, how far you'd be willing to go and contact info.

If you can't drive or you're not along his route, would you please share? The more people who see, the more people who might be able to help!

Let's get Michigan Moe to Michigan ASAP! I know we can do this. We always find a way to come through for these wonderful kitties.

And THANK YOU to Paul G. for adopting Moe and wanting to make him part of his family!

Here is the link to the form again. Thanks, everyone!


Remember Jamie, the kitten we helped transport from Greenville, SC to Hollywood, FL last weekend? Well he is happy and great and adjusting purrfectly!

Here are some pictures from his new mommy. I'm so glad we could help him get to her!

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  1. Well Dorian....great work set out for you to get sweetest Moe to Paul....OMC I wish I lived south of the border, but..... imagine what a long trip that will be but my first very own cat used to travel 1100 miles every year each way to go on our holidays.....wonderful traveller - helped navigate. Also so happy to see that Jamie has settled in beautifully - beautiful big boy!

  2. Re-tweeted.
    It's good to see that Jamie got a cardboard box.
    Typical cat.
    The sooner Moe can get one, the better.

  3. Texas, a Cat in New YorkNovember 3, 2012 at 8:29 AM

    Moe IS adorable! And so is Jamie: I'm so glad everything ended well! Thank you!
    I am going share about Moe.

  4. Texas, a Cat in New YorkNovember 3, 2012 at 8:30 AM

    Moe IS adorable! And so is Jamie: I'm so glad everything ended well! Thank you!
    I am going to share about Moe.

  5. Oh Jamie, looks terrific. We will go share about Mo needing a bunch of rides.

  6. Our mom signed up...she;s in Michigan...and can help if needed!

  7. Hope Moe gets to his forever home very soon! Jamie is beautiful & happy! YAY!

  8. Hope Moe gets to his forever home very soon! Jamie is beautiful & happy! YAY!

  9. Glad to see jamie. How wonderful for moe, and his daddy! What beautiful people supporting them!

  10. Hi Ernie and Wally and Zoey! I hope your mom can help! Tell her I added her to a private group about Moe on Facebook! :)

  11. that Moe is a cutie. The publicist is a sucker for a black cat

  12. I signed up using your form.
    Michigan is a BIG state! I can pick up from Detroit or even Toledo, and the trip up to Lachine is 240 miles from Detroit or 280 miles from Toledo, Ohio.
    The round trip will be a doozy if we turn right around and go home from Lachine. Lachine is right up in the tippy top of the mitten!
    Anyway, I can do some (or all, if necessary) of the trip in Michigan. Perhaps could meet us half way up from Detroit?
    I think we can work this out.

  13. So glad to see Jamie doing well!!! I am in the Detroit area...about an hour away from Toledo......I am between Detroit and Flint! It depends on what date, etc......

  14. Nothing warms my cockles more than a precious kitty going to a loving home. They are so deserving. And I hope we hear from Paul about Moe, what a doll. <3 black kitties!

  15. And another thing, comparing earlier pics of Moe....there is such an obvious change in his expression. That's what love is all about.

  16. Dorian - I am travelling to Columbus again on November 21st & would be willing to drive up to Atlanta if needed. Don't know if that will work in your time frame. I also have a spare room Moe could hang out in for a few days if needed.

  17. Awww Moe is sooo cute !!! I love black kitties !!!! Yay to Paul for adopting Moe !!!
    Jamie looks like he has settled right in. He's a cutie too.

  18. That Moe is sure a cutie! We will be cheering him on!

  19. I have filled out the form and I can do the MI leg of the trip.or I could do a portion of Oh, say, 2-3 hrs South of the Ohio/Michigan border, up to detroit area. (I could drive down to Ohio and bring him up to Detroit ) Call me if needed 248-702-6373 .

  20. SOOOO Happy for Jamie, he looks so happy. thanks for sharing the photos Jamie's Mom !!

  21. I can't go far, but I can connect Moe's ride from Toledo to Detroit if you need me.

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