Nov 1, 2012

Oh Hai. Just Passing Through!

What you see here is a cute black kitten looking cute.

But wait! What is that other black cat doing? And why is he giving us the side-eye as he totally interrupts the other cat's moment to shine on camera?

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  1. We have two black kitties in the parking lot at work and I keep threatening to grab them and take them home. They want no part of me for some reason. :(

  2. Feed them! They'll come around. ;)

  3. Texas, a Cat in New YorkNovember 1, 2012 at 10:43 AM


  4. That glare gave me a shiver down my spine! lol Really, though, I'd love to cuddle with both of these cuties.

  5. LOLOL I love how the second cat had a little bit of a "back up" hairs standing up near his tail!!! omg they are both so cute. BIG EAR stage, love it


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