Mar 16, 2013

#CaboodleCaravan: It's Transport Day - 14 Cats Headed to Happy Lives!

There's a whole caboodle of cats heading out today for their new lives -- and Cuteheads are helping every step of the way!

For this latest transport, we're giving a ride to 10 kittens and 4 adults cats. It's a whole carload, I tell you. Seven carriers in total! (If you see someone driving down the road with a car full of cat carriers, honk and wave hi... It's probably a Cutehead transporter!)

As usual, I have a favorite in this transport. I swear, I'd probably keep one from every group if I didn't have a pet limit at my condo. Good thing I do!

Me and Lestat. Look at his awesome cross-eyes and tongue!
Lestat is the coolest cat. He is a huge boy with the tiniest chirp of a meow. He is also incredibly timid and sweet, and just an all-around great catch. Someone is going to be very lucky to adopt him!

Lestat was surrendered at Broward Animal Control in Pompano with his three sisters. Apparently some guy's wife left him and the country, so he dumped their cats. The sweetest cats!

One got adopted right away, but his other two sisters, Callie and Smokey, we scooped up and rescued! Our amazing friends at Forever Home Feline Ranch said they'd take them in and find them real forever homes. Hurray!

Pretty Callie!
Then, the Ranch told us that they didn't have any adoptable kittens. No kittens?! We could fix that! So we asked our good friend, Wendy K., who we knew had just rescued some kittens from Miami Dade Animal Services if she had homes for them yet. She said no, so all of the sudden, all five of them had a place to go. Put on your cowboy hats, kitties, you're headed to the Ranch!

And then two adorable kittens popped up at animal control here. Can you guess what happened? They got their ticket to the Ranch, too!

Whiskers and Barry, sitting still for a rare second. 
And then... (yup, there's more!)... We got word of three tiny black kittens at Gaston County Animal Shelter in North Carolina. They are a gas chamber shelter (booooo!) and so these tiny babies needed rescue fast.

Forever Home Feline Ranch to the rescue! We gave those babies their walking papers, got them all vetted and they are hopping in the car with us, too! They are being transported to Chattanoooga, TN today and will head out with the rest of the transport on Sunday.

One of the Easter kittens. I can't wait to see out-of-the-shelter pictures!
We named them Peep, Cadbury and Jellybean since it's almost Easter. How cute is that?

UPDATE: We got this picture of the Easter kittens busted out of the shelter this morning. How precious!
Speaking of Chattanooga, Cutehead Emily B. is hosting a sleepover for ALL of these cats tonight. Can you imagine how much fun that will be? The Florida cats will all end up at her house tonight and the North Carolina kittens will be there, too, and then she'll give them love and luxury tonight, and then pack them up and get them started on the rest of their journey first thing Sunday morning!

We've got an amazing team of drivers helping these lucky kitties this weekend, and we've had tons of help getting them ready to go before this, too.

We'll be using the Twitter hashtag #CaboodleCaravan to follow these kitties on their travels and sharing on Your Daily Cute's Facebook page as well, of course. Cheer on the kitties with us!

Huge thanks to our partner in rescue, Good Karma Pet Rescue, our amazing rescue vet, Dr. Seskus (he goes above and beyond!), our fosters and condo kitty caretakers, Maraly and Bob W. and Colleen F., condo donater, Nancy M., and all our drivers -- Karen A., Cheryl L., Sara M., Wendy K. (who also fostered!), Lisa B., Morgen P., Dana K., Shannon and Dixie, Laura N., Tia and Helen, Emily B. (kitty sleepover!), Laura and Cindy and Brenda B., who is also president of Forever Home Feline Ranch. Also, big thanks to Cheryl J, who is the Ranch's adoption coordinator and helps us save these babies! If I forgot someone, know I love you too!

P.S. We already know where we're going on our next transport -- up I-95 from Florida to Maine! If you can help drive, please volunteer by filling out our form here!

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Mar 15, 2013

Baby Sea Lions Slip n' Slide on a Surfboard

A few baby sea lion pups discover a surfboard in the middle of the water (which just happens to have a camera mounted on it - lucky us!) and try to slide their way onto it to catch a little sun and warm up. Problem is, the darn thing is wet and slippery!

A couple of them seem to have gotten the hang of it right away, but Spotty there... Well, life can be tough sometimes. Try as he might, over and over again, he just can't stay on. As soon as he thinks he's up and stable -- whoops! -- of he slides again back into the water.

Will he ever make it up? You'll enjoy one of the cutest videos in a long time while you wait to see!

P.S. Don't you love his face at the end?

P.P.S. Tomorrow is another transport day! A whole caboodle of cats and kittens is heading for Forever Home Feline Ranch in Springfield, Illinois (again! yippee!). I'll post about them tomorrow! So excited that we can save more kitties together!

Thanks to Cute's amazing video-finding friend, Lauren G., for sending this in. We can always count on her for ridiculously adorable video finds!

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Mar 14, 2013

Kitty Cat is a Great Soccer Goalie!

Nothing is getting by this cat! Give him your best shot if you want, but no ball is ever going to make it past him.

He flies high, he slides low -- he's all over the place! Best soccer goalie ever!

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Mar 13, 2013

Fat Kitty Gets Into the Catnip

Ernesto got into the catnip one morning... All the catnip.

He's rolling and jumping and just covering himself in it and is in total heaven. I just feel bad for whoever has to clean up after his little binge session!

P.S. There is a voice-over version which is hysterical! There is a bad word in it (not that bad), so I didn't post it here. But if you want to go watch, watch it here! So silly!

P.P.S. We have another transport this weekend! We're sending a bunch of rescue kitties up to Forever Home Feline Ranch again! WE LOVE THEM! We're still missing two legs, if you know anyone who can help:

Saturday, March 16 - flexible times!
Asheville, NC to Knoxville, TN
Knoxville, TN to Chattanooga, TN

If you can help, please fill out our volunteer driver form! If not, please share with your friends! Thanks, Cuteheads! We're saving SO many lives here. I love, love, love it!

This is Lestat (and me behind him!). He's one of the kitties hitching a ride! 
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Mar 12, 2013

Two Cats Tuesday: Have You Seen Moo?

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today Moo is hiding.

Just not very well.

But since he can't see us, we can't see him, right?

Just an empty Catpod... Nothing to see here.
Nope. No Moo there.


What is that sticking out of the Catpod?

A Moo!
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Mar 11, 2013

Cat Loves Baby

I have a feeling these two will be best friends for life!

Kitty hugs her human baby brother's chunky arm and nuzzles his face and neck and snuggles up to him to keep him warm. It's almost like she thinks he's another kitty... just with no fur.

What a cute cuddlepile!

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Mar 10, 2013

Rocky the Kitten Has the Hiccups

It's tough being a tiny kitten with the hiccups. Every single hiccup makes your whole body bounce because it's so little, and the hiccups just seem so big.

Just ask Rocky. And someone get him a drink of water!

P.S. Today is Day #2 of our transport all the way up to Maine! The kitties slept in Raleigh, NC last night with Cuteheads Amanda D. and Desiree B., and are heading out bright and early in the morning today! You can follow along on the Cute's Facebook page and using the #HagridandFriends hashtag on Twitter!

Cuteheads are the best people in the world!

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