Mar 14, 2013

Kitty Cat is a Great Soccer Goalie!

Nothing is getting by this cat! Give him your best shot if you want, but no ball is ever going to make it past him.

He flies high, he slides low -- he's all over the place! Best soccer goalie ever!

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  1. I'm sure a few teams would be interested. Someone give that cat a contract.

  2. Yay Kitty.....good job!

  3. The next David Beckham! In kitty cat world of soccer. Love his stripes!

  4. Beautiful kitty and a great player! Points! Points!!

  5. The story of Lestat is one of the most heroic and sad stories I have ever read about a cat. Thank you for sharing this with us. Yes, even the heartbreak of losing him. He was a beautiful cat-spirit who needed to go Home and be with Thomasina.

  6. My first ever cat liked to play like this. Everyday I would throw aluminum balls for her. She would catch them ground them, and be ready for more. This brings back some good memories. Thanks.

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