Mar 13, 2013

Fat Kitty Gets Into the Catnip

Ernesto got into the catnip one morning... All the catnip.

He's rolling and jumping and just covering himself in it and is in total heaven. I just feel bad for whoever has to clean up after his little binge session!

P.S. There is a voice-over version which is hysterical! There is a bad word in it (not that bad), so I didn't post it here. But if you want to go watch, watch it here! So silly!

P.P.S. We have another transport this weekend! We're sending a bunch of rescue kitties up to Forever Home Feline Ranch again! WE LOVE THEM! We're still missing two legs, if you know anyone who can help:

Saturday, March 16 - flexible times!
Asheville, NC to Knoxville, TN
Knoxville, TN to Chattanooga, TN

If you can help, please fill out our volunteer driver form! If not, please share with your friends! Thanks, Cuteheads! We're saving SO many lives here. I love, love, love it!

This is Lestat (and me behind him!). He's one of the kitties hitching a ride! 
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  1. what a gorgeous kitty. I love his tongue!

  2. Ernesto's a hoot! Would love to pet him; he looks sooo cuddly!

  3. Oh my that's a lot of catnip he found. LOL.

  4. Ernesto is a riot......he really had fun with that catnip. <3
    Lestat is a cutie!!!!

  5. I laughed until I cried! Kudos to the camera person. When Ernesto started scooting in the 'Nip I would have been laughing so hard I couldn't film anything..

  6. Andrea & the Celestial KittiesMarch 13, 2013 at 3:18 PM

    Oh what a goofy kitty! Guess they need a better place to store the nip!
    Lestat is adorable!

  7. LOL !! Laughed until I cried !! I loved him scooting his butt on the nip. My herd rolls around in the nip too. What a funny video but poor Ernesto needs to slim down.

  8. This Kitty is Hiiiiiiigh!!!! Hilarious! Loved how he scooted his bum on the catnip and licking inside the plastic bowl as if there is not enough for him to lick! Loved it!

  9. Oh, man, what a MESS!! I like Ernesto's butt-scooting method of enjoying his catnip. What's with THAT???!

  10. That was so hilarious and the voice-over great! Had to watch again. I too have had the 'messes' to clean up after some 'rolls in the 'nip' but very funny. Try brushing it out of the fur when they are higher than a kite! No Way!
    Lestat is an adorable blue pt Siamese (with a bit of a problem focusing) which makes him even more appealing - who said anything about 'show quality'? Not me! Love him and good luck in his new home! Way to go!

  11. Ahh yes - a sight I woke up to once when Kiki figured out how to open the drawer where the catnip was stored and get the bag on the floor and rip it to shreds. I was ready to put her in rehab after that!

  12. Cats and cat nip! Oh yes! And again a picture of our beautiful heavenly Lestat.


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