Apr 10, 2014

Three Cats Thursday: Phantom's Nose, Moo's Wake-Up Tactic and Pimp Wants Pot Roast

Happy Three Cats Thursday, Cuteheads! Today the boys wanted to give you a little bit of a buffet of kitty cuteness. Just some random stuff they did this week!

First up, Moo wanted to show you how he wakes me up every morning. The pictures are not the best since it is dark (he wakes up early!), but I just think they are super cute because it's really what we do every morning! He is such a love bug.

First I give mom's nose the side head rub.
The the front head butt.
And then back to the side head rub. Now she's gets up and feeds me!
And then Phantom wants you to smooch his adorable black nose!

You can't decide whether to smooch or boop me, right?
And last, but definitely not least (no one puts Pimpy in the corner!), Pimp wants to show you how serious he is about wanting some of my dinner all the time. This is his "Give me some of your pot roast" face. He means business.

Pot roast, I'm watching you.
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