May 10, 2015

Google's Mother's Day Google Doodle

Aw! I'm in love with the Google Doodle today! It's baby animals and their mothers, and it's animated!

If you're not familiar with the Google Doodle, they always have some fun image or animation (and sometimes even an interactive game that you can play!) on for every holiday. This has got to be one of my favorites ever. So cute!

Here's a screenshot of my favorite part (there are also duckies and bunnies and more). Go check it out yourself today! It'll be gone tomorrow, so make sure you look today on Mother's Day.

BONUS CUTES: Go check out the CatLadyBox social channels like Facebook and Instagram! I created a bunch of super cute and fun images about being a cat mom and am sharing them all day yesterday and today. Here's one of my favorites!

P.P.S. Don't forget about the CatLadyBox sale I'm having this weekend! You can use the coupon code CATMOM and get 10% off the pre-order price. It's the perfect Cat Mom's day gift for yourself! (I promise not to bug you all too much about this all the time, but I'm just so excited about it and I plan on doing a ton of cute stuff there too, since it's just what I like to do! :)

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