Nov 6, 2008

Fat Cat in a Little Box

I'm thinking this game must have started waaaaay back when Maru the fat cat was just a little guy -- and he actually fit in these boxes, like jumping through a hoop.

But now, bless his little heart, he doesn't seem to realize that he's outgrown his little game. AND I LOVE HIM FOR IT!

Watch and love...

*Thanks to Lenisse for passing this one on!

Nov 3, 2008

Barack Makes Me Purr -- Obama Cat!

On the eve of the day I hopefully crack open a bottle of "change champagne," I took the obvious opportunity to dress up my dear cat, Pimp. Barack Obama makes him purr.

Also, you'll note that while he is clearly not happy, he is also clearly not as unhappy as he's been in other get-ups I've forced him to wear. This, by the way, is an Obama T-shirt I bought online that is about the most ill-fitted thing I've ever owned. I would have junked it by now, but it's just so damn cute. I mean, look at it... Baa-rock.

Besides, Pimp is an Obama Cat and he makes it look good. :)

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