Jun 22, 2013

#12cats14drivers: Transport Weekend! Another Herd Heading Up to Maine!

Hurray for another transport weekend! Oh, we have a bunch of cuties aboard the Cute Express Parade this time!

Our fabulous friends at HART of Maine have stepped up again are helping us save another bunch of kittens from animal control here in Broward County. This is such a varied little bunch. A little bit of everything!

Tabbies, gingers, Siamese, Maine Coon, tuxies and torties, oh my! It's a kitty lover's dream!

The Ginger Nuggets! Everyone but Frita is in this transport! (She is a little sick and needed extra TLC before she travels.)
George. Look how his "sleeves" are rolled up on one arm. So cute!
Shakira. I wonder if she belly dances, too?
The Dream Team before they left the shelter. Linx and Thea are on board, one Maine Coon stayed for more TLC.
The Simpsons! Momma Marge in the middle, Maggie on the left, Lisa in the middle and Bart in the back right. 

Follow Along!
You can follow along with their transport today and tomorrow on Your Daily Cute's Facebook page and on Twitter using the hashtag #12cats14drivers. I'll be tweeting as @YourDailyCute, of course! Help us cheer these kitties on!

They actually left Fort Lauderdale yesterday afternoon and slept in Jacksonville Friday night. They hit the road at 7:00 am Saturday morning again!

Help Future Transports!
Want to help transport rescue kitties in the future? Sign up to be one of our volunteer drivers by filling out this form so we can contact you if a cat needs to go through your area! The more drivers we have, the more cats we can help! Thank you all!

Tremendous Thank You!
These cats are all safe and headed home thanks to some amazing work by many amazing people. We couldn't do any of it without our super partner in rescues, Stacey of Good Karma Pet Rescue of South Florida for helping get all these cats out and ready. Our fabulous fosters: Amber M., JeNet E., Kyle S. and Dianne A.!

And huge thanks to all our Cutehead drivers! YOU all make this possible. Gina L., Debbie H., Janet B., Katie M., MaryAnn G., Brenda K., Mary H., Barbara D., Patricia G., and Hannah D.! Super huge thanks to MaryAnn and Dianne, who are hosting sleepovers for the kitties!

And the biggest thanks of all to the adopter and rescue group! Jennifer C. for giving Ellie a forever home our wonderful friend Sue T. from HART of Maine for allowing the kitties to come to them and working on finding them the best homes!

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Jun 21, 2013

Cute Kitten Wiggles Ears

Tiny kitten with tiny dumbo ears wiggling away while she sips on her bottle. I think if she wiggles any faster, she might actually take flight!

Do all kittens do this?

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Jun 20, 2013

Baby Owls Pops His Head Out of His Nest

Mrs. Owl looks quite comfy in her nest, just looking around watching the world go by. Anything has to be more interesting that the inside of a nest box, so one of her babies decides to pop his cute owl head out to say hello!

Oh hai, baby owl! My, what big eyes you have!

Help! We desperately need ONE more driver for our transport this weekend! And we need to know TODAY!

Saturday June 22
Columbia, SC to Charlotte, NC from about 12:30pm to 1:40pm

That's it! Can you help? Do you know someone? Please fill out our volunteer driver form if you can (please!) or share if you can't. Let's get these kitties home!

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Jun 19, 2013

Cat Walks the Dog Home

Ruti the cat is in charge of making sure her doggie brother gets home safe, so when it's time to go in from playing outside, she picks up his leash and walks him home.

She leads the way, gently tugging the leash and meowing when he lags behind, taking them all the way to their front door. And then she meows to announce when they get there, of course... I guess opening the door herself would have been too much to ask!

BONUS CUTE: Watch how this little boy and dog are best friends, and their super adorable walk!
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Jun 18, 2013

Two Cats Tuesday: 7 Seconds of Pimp and Moo Loving Each Other

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Believe it or not, seven seconds of Pimp and Moo being close to each other and practically sharing a bed and licking and grooming each other is enough to make headlines.

This does not happen in our house.

And I was lucky enough to catch it on video! Enjoy this rare treat...

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Jun 17, 2013

Stuffed Tiger Plays with Kittens

These silly kittens have no idea that this isn't a real kitten! It runs and plays and sleeps and jumps... so it must be one of them! And so they run and play and jump and sleep with it, just like a real brother.

What a cute idea, right? The kitty foster put string on the stuffed tiger's head and tails so they could move it around, and the kittens totally think it's real! How fun!

P.S. We have another transport coming up and we need some help with a few of the legs! Are you in any of these ares or do you know someone? Let's share to get these kitties home!

Saturday 6/22
Columbia, SC to Statesville (or at least Charlotte)S
Statesville to Whytheville, VA
Whytheville to Roanoke, VA

Sunday 6/23
Norwalk to Hartford, CT
Hartfold to Boston area or around it somewhere

If you can help drive, please fill out our volunteer driver form here!

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Jun 16, 2013

There's a Monster Under the Door!

Oh noes! There is a monster hiding on the other side of the door and he keeps reaching his scary paws under to try and steal all our toys!

Good thing it's a cute monster named Monkey, and all he's trying to do is get his crinkle balls.

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