Jun 20, 2013

Baby Owls Pops His Head Out of His Nest

Mrs. Owl looks quite comfy in her nest, just looking around watching the world go by. Anything has to be more interesting that the inside of a nest box, so one of her babies decides to pop his cute owl head out to say hello!

Oh hai, baby owl! My, what big eyes you have!

Help! We desperately need ONE more driver for our transport this weekend! And we need to know TODAY!

Saturday June 22
Columbia, SC to Charlotte, NC from about 12:30pm to 1:40pm

That's it! Can you help? Do you know someone? Please fill out our volunteer driver form if you can (please!) or share if you can't. Let's get these kitties home!

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  1. Mooooom! Get out of the way! For a second he looks exhausted from his efforts and she doesn't budge. LOL so darn cute.

  2. i wish i could help with driving for you. please contact me and i ma be able to help some other way.

  3. I love owls! So cute.


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