May 26, 2012

A Few Minutes in the Life of Q-Tip the Bottle-Fed Kitten

Q-Tip is just a few weeks old, but she seems to already be getting enough love to last a lifetime. This video is her mom introducing us to her, and showing us how she cares for her every day.

You can just tell how much she's adored and spoiled, and how much her mom loves caring for her. It makes me want a little kitten to raise!

Thanks to Cute's Facebook friend, Julianne, for sharing this adorable video of Q-Tip the kitten!

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May 25, 2012

Silly Kitten's Accidental Fort

Princess the kitten is a rambunctious rascal who gets a little carried away playing with her feather toy and ends up flipping her bed!

She starts out safely in her soft, comfy cat bed, just swatting away. But she gets a little too excited and leans over a little too far and... whoops! Suddenly her bed is a fort to hide under.

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May 24, 2012

Chick Bosses Cat Around

Can't a cat catch a break? Oscar just wants to nap, but his tiny chick friend has a different idea -- he wants a cuddle buddy... and he's very demanding about it.

I'm thinking this happens all the time because it looks like this chick has Oscar pretty well-trained for this. A couple little pecks and Oscar lifts his arm just enough so his furry friend can slide in and snuggle!

BONUS CUTE: Watch a baby rat cuddle with a kitten!

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May 23, 2012

Disco the Rapping Parakeet

Disco the rapping parakeet needs to get his own record contract, if you ask me! He's way better than most of those other rappers out there nowadays.

Disco says a little bit of everything, but my favorite is what seems to be the chorus of his little rap: "What seems to be the problem, officer? I am not a crook. I'm a parakeet!"

And he even speaks different languages! Disco has talent!

BONUS CUTE: Another talking parakeet that says stuff like fugheddaboudit!
Thanks to Cute's friend, Kim, for sharing this fun rapping parakeet video!

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May 22, 2012

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp's Morning Ritual

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today I wanted to share Pimp's morning ritual with you all.

Every single morning, Pimp gets on the bathroom counter to be a part of the getting-ready-for-work routine. He likes to snoopervise.

I brush my teeth, wash my face, put on my makeup... all that good stuff. And he lounges on the counter, waiting patiently for his turn with the faucet.

All that is fine and normal, but the pillow he uses during all this is not really normal.

I'm snuggling with the mouthwash. It's comfy. Trust me.
Clearly Pimp is a fan of proper hygiene. He also loves to rub on it with his face when I pet him while he's up there. I pet his head, he gets all happy, and then walks over to it and just rubs and rubs the cap.

I don't know why he loves the mouthwash so. He doesn't care about anything else on the counter. Silly Pimp!

May 21, 2012

Oskar the Blind Kitten Goes Outside for the First Time

Oskar the blind kitten was adopted by amazing people when he was just eight weeks old. He lived outside a farm, and that was clearly no place for a blind kitten.

That was back in July 2011, and since then he's been an inside-only cat. They've gotten him used to walking with a harness inside and decided to let him explore the big outdoors for the first time since he was adopted (supervised with the harness always, of course).

Every single time I watch a video of Oskar, I just smile the biggest smile and just feel all the love they feel for him. He's one lucky kitty.

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May 20, 2012

Silly Dog Slides Down the Stairs

Chaos the boxer has a very silly morning ritual: He loves to slinky down the stairs!

Why simply walk down the stairs like a normal doggie when you can slide down with style?

NOTE FROM CUTE: Guess what I'm doing tomorrow? I'm flying out to Ohio to go tour Iams' pet food facility and meet with a bunch of people there and learn about everything they do. I'm one of a group of about 10 bloggers they invited out for this "Behind the Paw" Influencer's Summit. Should be really interesting! We'll be tweeting using the hashtag #BehindThePaw if you want to follow along. If you all have any questions you'd like me to ask while I'm there, feel free to share them!

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