May 25, 2012

Silly Kitten's Accidental Fort

Princess the kitten is a rambunctious rascal who gets a little carried away playing with her feather toy and ends up flipping her bed!

She starts out safely in her soft, comfy cat bed, just swatting away. But she gets a little too excited and leans over a little too far and... whoops! Suddenly her bed is a fort to hide under.

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  1. That is adoracatable and purrfecto way to start my FurEyeDay!

  2. Curious as a cat to know why my Paw Post duzn't show up as ME & Myself who is "Guido the Italian Kitty"? 

  3. So cute and cheery on a rainy day in NYC.

  4. Hmmm... not sure! Looks like you logged into comment with Google (at least from what I can see in my moderate comments admin) and Guido Gazette must be the name you have associated with that gmail account. You can change the name associated with it in your gmail settings if you want -- right now that is what would show when you email someone also. :) Does that make sense?

    You can comment by just typing your email address and whatever name you want -- that way it can be whatever you want and you don't actually have to log in. Maybe do that next time!

  5. Oh noes! But at least it's a comfy fort

  6. Too cute. That happened to one of our cats, she fell off the bed in her bed and landed with the bed on top of her. Love the video.


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