Sep 5, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green...

Ah, the plight of the pea. I'll never look at them the same again -- especially that one that always rolls away from the bunch.

Who knew they were so cute?

Sep 4, 2008

Talking Cat (with Subtitles!)

I suppose he's calling his dog. Luckily, there are subtitles or else we'd all be lost. Preach on, kitty!

See more talking cats!

More Mumu, More Mumu, More Mumu!

More from our favorite little Scottish Fold kitty...

In this episode, he takes his stance in an attempt to scope out a spot on the couch. I don't know who's on that couch, but if it was me, this little guy could come sit with me anytime!

Sep 3, 2008

Sneezing Panda

Aww... what a cute little baby panda. So little, so tiny, so... ACHOO! Bless you, little buddy.

Otters Holding Hands

This is one of the sweetest, most adorable things I've ever seen. Here a two little otters happily floating on their backs and holding hands, or paws, or whatever otters have. Either way, they are precious.

What makes it even cuter is when they drift apart... then back together... You'll see.

Sad update: I just read that one of these little otters died. She was one of the few remaining survivors of the Exxon Valdez oil spill... and from what they say, the fact that she lived this long (and had a baby, too!) was a miracle by itself. R.I.P. little otter!

Sep 2, 2008

Cockatoo Dancing to Backstreet Boys

Snowball the cockatoo dancing to the Backstreet Boys! Go birdie... Go birdie... Go, go, go birdie...

This cool cockatoo gets down -- hard. He's got more moves than Michael Jackson, more rhythm that a drunk white guy and more guts than, well, that same drunk white guy (I mean, listen to the song he's jammin' to).

Meet Snowball...

Star Wars According to a 3 Year Old

I'm not one to watch Star Wars, but I could watch this little girl talk about it for hours.

She really breaks it down to a level everyone can understand. And by all means, whatever you do, don't talk back to Darth Vader...

Sep 1, 2008


You see, this is the problem with America: We're starting them with the dumb stuff way too early in life. This poor girl is going to grow up saying "whateva" and not even know any better. Then she'll teach her kids, and they'll teach their kids, and we'll all think it's cute -- until, 50 years from now, we realize people are still saying "whateva" and we kill ourselves.

She is cute though. Gotta give her that...

*Special thanks to Lenisse for sending this kid in. Whateva...

Bang, Bang Birdie

Here at The Daily Cute we're all about giving you more bang for your buck. That's why we're following up the popular Bang, Bang Kitty (sooo cute!) with this surefire hit -- Bang, Bang Birdie!

I know you can teach a dog tricks. I was slightly surprised about teaching cats tricks. But birds? Shoot...

Aug 31, 2008

Put Me in Coach!

So in my boredom (and extreme brilliance) I put together a lolcat thing with my perfect Pimp and his fabulous Gator jersey. I don't know about you, but he breaks my little heart...

Check out another really cute lolcat!


Nora: The Purrfect Pianist

Apparently it's "piano day" at The Daily Cute...

Nora the piano playing cat
has more talent than most of us humans do. According to the video info, she's been making sweet music since she was one. In this cute video, she has solo performances, duets and a little cute kitty downtime during the intermission.

I don't know if it's just me, but the name "Nora" just seems so perfect -- it wouldn't have been the same if she was a Snowball or a Fluffy.

And now, presenting the talented... the beautiful... Nora!

Tunes Over My Hammie

What do you get when you cross a hamster, a piano and some popcorn? The answer? A cute little video.

I've had a couple hamsters in my day, but I never recall them being as cute as this one. I think the most mine ever did was pee in their plastic balls and spin themselves dizzy in those hamster wheels.

Dramatic Prairie Dog

In case you've never seen it before, this is the original Dramatic Prairie Dog. It's half the reason why the Dramatic Kitty video is so funny (although it definitely holds its own with the cute factor).

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