Nov 16, 2013

The Story Behind Simon's Cat (Meet Simon!)

We love all the Simon's Cat videos here, so his latest one was extra exciting, because it was all about the cats who inspired it and the guy behind all the cute animations!

Simon has four cats now, and has had kitties since he was young. There are pictures of them in the video and they are adorable!

And it turns out it actually takes two to three months to create one Simon's Cat video. I would have had no idea! Makes me appreciate them even more.

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Nov 14, 2013

Adorable Kitten Saved From Inside a House Wall

Valentino was abandoned by his mom and somehow fell in between the walls of a California home. He meowed and meowed for help, but the family couldn't pinpoint exactly where the meowing was coming from.

Finally, the meowing moved to the wall by the front hall, and they could clearly tell where it was coming from. Time was running out for little Valentino, so the family's dad grabbed a small saw blade and cut a hole in their wall.

And what they saw would have melted anyone's heart. There was Valentino, meowing loud and clear, no doubt happy to see them!

This was 16 months ago, and the happy update is that Valentino (now renamed Atticus) was adopted by another family and is doing great!

Thanks to Cute's fabulous friend Tamar from I Have Cat for passing this cute kitten video on!

P.S. Have you checked out Santa Paws Drive yet? It an annual all-online international toy drive I head up for shelter animals! This is our 5th year and I hope we can make it the best yet! Even one dollar helps!

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Nov 13, 2013

Meet Pretzel the Blind, Twisty Leg Kitty - A Heartwarming Story!

Sometimes you come across a wonderful story of compassion, love and strength. Pretzel's story is just that, and it's one that will make you make your heart smile.

Pretzel was found in the middle of the road by a woman who thought she'd been hit by a car. Turns out, Pretzel wasn't injured at all... she was born with "twisty" deformed back legs. Later, after visiting a vet, they also realized she was blind.

But none of that stopped Pretzel from being perfect. And nothing would stop her new mom from making sure Pretzel had the best care and all the love she could ever hope for. Today she is doing great!

NOTE FROM CUTE: If you're anything like me, you want to know more about Pretzel. Good news! Here is Pretzel's Facebook page. It's great!

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Nov 12, 2013

Three Cats Tuesday: Moo's Box Match, Pea's a Poster Child and Pimp Curls Up

Happy Two Three Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Man, these titles are getting long with all we have going on here, huh? We have so much to share today!

First up, let's start with the shenanigans, which means Moo first since he's the goofball. You all know Moo loves boxes, right? Well, getting in them is no problem (he can conquer any box!), but sometimes getting out... not so much.

That is the box that has our Cute Transport Network bags in it, so for future drivers: If yours has cat hair on it, you know who to blame!

Next up, let's talk about Sweet Pea's latest news. I went to the Alley Cat Allies national conference last weekend (AH-mazing!) and they had a Message Board up where they asked everyone to feel free to share something inspirational or something about a special feral kitty that stood out for them.

So you all know who that is for me!

I put this up:

When I went back the next day, someone had added a little something... :)

Meanwhile, on the couch, Pimp has curled his little paws up beneath his little chin for a little nap. Love this guy so much.

Hope everyone has a fabulous day! Don't forget Santa Paws Drive is officially open for donations! If you haven't seen the shelters we chose this year, go check them out! I'm so excited to send Christmas to these wonderful animals!

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Nov 11, 2013

Cat Gives Guinea Pig a Bath

Angus the cat and Alice the guinea pig are an unlikely pair of best friends.

And not only are they best friends, but Angus helps out with caring for Alice. Alice does not like baths... except when it's Angus giving her one, kitty-licking style.

NOTE FROM CUTE: We officially announced the Santa Paws Drive 2013 shelters today! Check them out! Our goal is to send holiday cheer to animals who aren't lucky enough to forever homes yet -- they deserve presents too!

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Nov 10, 2013

Ninja Cat Climbs a Building

What do you want to do when you want to get up to the next floor but there's no stairs or elevator? It's simple if you're a ninja cat... You just climb the walls.

P.S. Today is the second day of Alley Cat Allies national conference! What a bunch of great information so far. It's amazing to hear how other communities around the U.S. have worked together (animal controls, shelters, the elected officials and the people) to come up with better solutions and plans for their feral kitties. I hope that one day we can all be like this!

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