Nov 11, 2013

Cat Gives Guinea Pig a Bath

Angus the cat and Alice the guinea pig are an unlikely pair of best friends.

And not only are they best friends, but Angus helps out with caring for Alice. Alice does not like baths... except when it's Angus giving her one, kitty-licking style.

NOTE FROM CUTE: We officially announced the Santa Paws Drive 2013 shelters today! Check them out! Our goal is to send holiday cheer to animals who aren't lucky enough to forever homes yet -- they deserve presents too!

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  1. we had a cat who napped with hampsters

  2. very, very sweet loving couple.

  3. at its' best!!

  4. you gotta baste it before you eat it.

  5. Gave me a smile to start the week. So cute- Love conquers all, it seems !

  6. I wonder how they became friends. My cat would try to eat it.


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