Nov 12, 2013

Three Cats Tuesday: Moo's Box Match, Pea's a Poster Child and Pimp Curls Up

Happy Two Three Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Man, these titles are getting long with all we have going on here, huh? We have so much to share today!

First up, let's start with the shenanigans, which means Moo first since he's the goofball. You all know Moo loves boxes, right? Well, getting in them is no problem (he can conquer any box!), but sometimes getting out... not so much.

That is the box that has our Cute Transport Network bags in it, so for future drivers: If yours has cat hair on it, you know who to blame!

Next up, let's talk about Sweet Pea's latest news. I went to the Alley Cat Allies national conference last weekend (AH-mazing!) and they had a Message Board up where they asked everyone to feel free to share something inspirational or something about a special feral kitty that stood out for them.

So you all know who that is for me!

I put this up:

When I went back the next day, someone had added a little something... :)

Meanwhile, on the couch, Pimp has curled his little paws up beneath his little chin for a little nap. Love this guy so much.

Hope everyone has a fabulous day! Don't forget Santa Paws Drive is officially open for donations! If you haven't seen the shelters we chose this year, go check them out! I'm so excited to send Christmas to these wonderful animals!

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  1. I love those big, round kitties squeezing out of boxes! What a funny thing to watch every single time! And, SO, SO HAPPEE that your little Sweet Pea is now an inside princess! About time you got a girlcat in the mix to keep those boyz in line! And, yes, your dear old little Pimp looks so very sweet--because he is! (And of course, the Princess picked you--you know she did--because they always somehow do. It's magic!)

  2. O Dorian, I just went & checked out the shelters you've chosen this year for your Santa Paws Drive. Each one looks so amazing, and together, I know they've saved an incalculable amount of lives and suffering. And it is so wonderful that so many people that are like-minded as you are going out of their way to make this season as special as it can be while these precious ones wait for their forever homes. All of us are better people for being able to follow this site, and especially being able to learn of your transport teams, and the huge efforts you all go to, in order to get these babies to their perfect homes. No matter how far away, you find a way to bring them to their new mommies & daddy's. I salute, and love and respect, and cheer you on!!! More than you'll ever know!!!! When we all join in together, there is nothing we can't do!!!

  3. Loved watching sweet Moo climb out of that box.....nothing can deter him. And Pimp is so handsome! And it's great that Sweet Pea is now a poster girl!! Love seeing all three of these marvelous kitties. Again, Dorian, thanks for all you and the Cuteheads do! Bless all of you. <3

  4. Ha,i love Moo,he is such a cutie.Pimp is the sweetie & cute to boot. And..YaY!!! its official: parking lot kitty is now Indoor Princess furever!!!!! we all wondered how long it would take you,hahaha! Its wonderful Dorian,really.Congrats. ;)
    Happy Tuesday everyone!

  5. Haha. I'm not saying I'm keeping her... Just that putting her back out in the parking lot is not an option. :)

  6. Yay Pricilla! Please tell the publicist that we'll be working on the raffle in the next couple weeks! I'll email her. :) Thank you!

  7. Ah ha! Foster Failure! Thanks Dorian....Moo has such beautiful markings on his back; Pimp is handsome as ever with his little cougar nose, and Sweet Pea is definitely SWEET! Way to go Mommy!


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