Nov 10, 2013

Ninja Cat Climbs a Building

What do you want to do when you want to get up to the next floor but there's no stairs or elevator? It's simple if you're a ninja cat... You just climb the walls.

P.S. Today is the second day of Alley Cat Allies national conference! What a bunch of great information so far. It's amazing to hear how other communities around the U.S. have worked together (animal controls, shelters, the elected officials and the people) to come up with better solutions and plans for their feral kitties. I hope that one day we can all be like this!

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  1. Cute.....this kitty knows where he's going and how to get there!!!

  2. I keep repeating myself: But cats ARE smarter than dogs !

  3. GREAT CLIMBING SKILLS! Were YOU at the Alley Cat ALlies Conference? It was GRRREAT!!!


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