Jun 16, 2012

The New Cat Sleeping Position: The Croissant

You've heard of the meatloaf position cats do, but what about the croissant?

You know how cats roll into tight little circles to sleep sometimes? Well, someone with as silly a sense of humor as me thinks they look like a croissants... and made this video to prove it.

Do your kitties do the croissant?

BONUS CUTE: Can you tell the different between a cat and a meatloaf? Take the quiz.

Thanks to Cute's good friend, John, for sharing this silly cats morphing into croissants video!

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Jun 15, 2012

Snoring, Sleepy, Twitchy, Dreaming Dog is Dreaming

Shibako the Shiba Inu is in a deep, deep sleep. By the way her adorable face is twitching and her nose is crinkling, I'd imagine that she's probably dreaming of delicious dog treats and squeaky toys, and maybe a game of catch or chase.

What do you think she's dreaming about?

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Jun 14, 2012

19 Seconds of Kittens Hugging

I am thoroughly convinced that the reason cats have litters of kittens, and not just one at at time, is so that the kittens can snuggle up in adorable cuddlepiles, purely so we can watch them and awwww.

I'm sure there must be another reason, but I'm not buying it. What could be more important than these two hugging each other to sleep?

Jun 13, 2012

Butch Catskitty and the Sundance Kitten - A Cat Country-Western!

Meowdy, partner! I reckon you've never seen a country western starring all cats before, have you? Well, we're fixin' to solve that right now.

I don't even know where to start. I guess my favorite part, hands down, is that the cats say, "Meowdy, partner!" Or maybe it's the cat at the bar that refuses a saucer for his milk -- he drinks straight from the bottle. Puts fur on his chest.

It is really quite ridiculous... but I couldn't stop watching. Enjoy!

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Jun 12, 2012

Two Cats Tuesday: So, I'm Thinking About Locking Moo Out of the Bedroom

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today I have a confession to make: I'm seriously thinking about locking Moo out of my bedroom in the mornings. I'm pretty sure I'd get at least an extra full hour of solid, sound, restful sleep!

Here's the thing: Like I've said before, he is an enormous cuddlebug. His little heart is the size of his entire body and he loves his mommy with every single inch of it. (And his mommy loves him right back!) BUT, this is not something I need affirmed at 5:00 in the morning.

I am the cutest bed buddy ever!
If that's how adorable he was all the time in bed, we'd be fine. But instead, what I get at about an hour before I have to wake up (and I have to wake up very early as it is to go to the gym before work every morning, is this...

You awake yet? ARE YOU? ARE YOU? ARE YOU?!?!
I'm sure you all have the same thing in your faces every morning. But here's the thing: I'm so tired all the time! I really think that if I put Moo out at the first nose nudge, I'd be way more rested.

He's so cute all night -- he loves to cuddle my head and he falls asleep at the foot of the bed like a good boy... but come 5:00 a.m., he becomes this Moo Monster, trying to crawl up my nose and into my dreams.

What do you guys think? I don't even know if I have the heart to do it, but I'm really thinking about it.

In other news, this is how Pimp sleeps all night. Like an absolute angel.

I'm the good boy.

Jun 11, 2012

Sleepy Kitten Will Sleep Through Anything

Tiny tabby is taking a snooze... and there's nothing his brother can do to stop him, no matter how hard he tries.

He's nibbling on his ear, nuzzling his nose, thwacking his tail and generally making quite the ruckus -- and nothing phases him at all. Must be a really good cat nap.

Thanks to Cute's friend, Ingrid, from The Conscious Cat for sharing this adorable sleepy kitten video!

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Jun 10, 2012

Kitten Would Like to File a Complaint

This munchkin kitten has a very important matter to discuss. I'm not sure what it is, but the kitten feels very, very strongly about it and is intent on letting us all know exactly how he feels.

Maybe the noms aren't up to par or the catnip isn't fresh enough or the cat bed not fluffy enough... whatever it is, it is urgent.

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