Feb 16, 2012

Kittens Make the Cutest Sleepy Noises

I would love to know what a kitty is thinking about when they're sleeping.

I think that when Computer's person (yes, Computer is the cat's name!) pets him, his little noises either mean "five more minutes" or he's incorporated the petting into his dream and he's just loving it out loud.

What do you think?

BONUS CUTE: Another noisy kitty, please!


  1. A cat named Computer. Cute #1. He purrs when asleep. Cute #2. The more
    he's petted, Computer reacts vocally. Cute #3. Computer reaches out a
    paw to the camera (hey, that's a good cat name,too! If Computer has
    litter-mates, are there any needing names?) and the video ... ! Cute #4.
    Awwwsome kittiness.

  2. OMC - that is so adorable.

  3. How sweet that is. I love when my cats make lil noises too. But not as much as computer does. Thanks for sharing. Him/or her's human really loves them alot.

  4. He's not asleep,,, please don't bug him so here can snooze lol :)

  5.  Awww....Love Computer Cat!!
    X's & O's

  6. I think he wanted the paparazzi to go away so he could sleep

  7. awww what a sweetie!


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