Dec 12, 2009

Bottle Kitty is Noisy!

This little sweetheart makes the cutest little noises when he drinks his bottle. But that's not all that makes him cute -- he comes with a cute story, too.

This is Shio the kitty. His human found him on her way home from teaching a class one day. His mom was nowhere in sight and there was a typhoon on the way. She took him in and nursed him into, and she said, "a perpetual state of purr."


  1. He sure does melt your heart. What a cute little kitten.

  2. Mac & Fuz are looking all over for that cute kitty!

  3. Was it coming out fast enough?? Looks like he's struggling. Poor thing.

  4. All the dogs wandered in to see what the heck that noise was!

  5. This caused a lot of head turning at my house!


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