Dec 7, 2009

How to Handle the Annoying Pawparazzi

Kitties and doggies, we know you're constantly being followed by crazy pawparazzi. These humans endlessly point the flashy box and you or film you during your most embarrassing or private moments.

Well, the time has come to fight back. Here's how one kitty deals with it...


  1. Woof! Woof! Lots more Golden Woofs, Sugar.

  2. What a smart kitty. Knock that camera down. Good job.

  3. What a funny kitteh! Reminds us of our Maggie May when she gets mad at the flashy box.

  4. If my dog knows that I wanted to take a picture of him. He will close his eyes or turn his head either left or right. It needs a lot of work if I want his picture taken. I need to lure him. It works anyway.

  5. For a minute there, I thought his name was Sean Penn!

  6. OMC! I saw needed dat lesson, dat darn momma is my paparazzi MOL hehehe



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