Dec 10, 2009

The Funeral of Lucky the Fish

Now, I'm sure that funerals don't necessarily make our normal idea of "cute," but this one is something special. Maya does such a great, touching job of saying goodbye to her fishy friend, Lucky...

We hope you think it's cute, too. Kids are precious!

More cute fishies, please. (Alive ones, this time!)


  1. That is very cute. I washed some fish out of a tub of water I had for the horses, and a child that was with me when we found them, made me bury them. She was too cute.

  2. Oh this is bittersweet - so funny too - it is wonderful but reminds me of the many times I had to flush dead fish. It's terribly sad! They have their own personalities!

  3. What is with MOM??! Criminy, aren't the moms supposed to be the caring people?? Sheesh. Very cute. I love the services.

  4. The little girl is really smart and cute as can be!


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