Dec 8, 2009

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp and Moo are Festive Felines!

Before we get started with Two Cats Tuesday, one random question: Doesn't "feline" sound like kind of a feminine word? Pimp and Moo are MACHO man-cats, just to be clear. Hmph.

Now, on to the fun!

Today we have a bunch of festive excitement! First, Pimp and Moo are getting in the holiday spirit for the Anipal Holiday Party tonight on Twitter (everyone is invited!) -- we made a silly Elf Yourself video of them! They're disco elves!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Next, we got our SECRET SANTA gift in the mail today! Pimp and Moo got some yummy nip cookies and brownies from Riley and Titan of @Ri_Guy! Here they are opening up their present! (I hope Santa doesn't mind that they opened it early... it smelled too good not to!)

Oooh! Something good is in there...

Pimp and Moo each got a Christmas stocking!

Pimp can't wait to see what's in his. Moo is a very discerning kitty, but believe me, he's happy here.

OMC!!! It's NIP cookies and brownies from Laineys Pawtique! How did @Ri_Guy know they love those?!

Nom nom nommy! Thanks Riley and Titan! Pimp and Moo LOVE their Secret Santa present!

One last Christmas thing for the day: Today is the last day to donate toys and treats for Santa Paws Drive. We will be dividing up all we have after today and sending them off as holiday gifts to the animal shelters so they get there in time for Christmas! If you haven't already donated, please take a look around our Santa Paws Drive shop and send a shelter animal some holiday cheer! :)

(Cash donations will remain open till the 18th, but we need to close off the toys earlier because 3 of our shelter are international and it takes longer to ship. Happy holidays!)


  1. Wow! What great gifts you got! Nip cookies sound pawsome!!!

    And we liked your disco dancing!

  2. Oh what great gifts you both got!

    We hope that Santa Paws has a big last push - I got a couple more items for them when I ordered the Christmas gifts for everyone last week. It is such a good cause!

  3. WOW! Pimp and Moo can SHAKE it!! :) That's funny.

  4. Go Pimp & Moo - shake your nip-makers! Woo-hoo! Nice Christmas socks too. Momma got me one from @BabyPatches - says Naughty on one side (me? never!) and Nice on the other. Right nows it is looking a little flat. I hopes the momma be putting treats in it soon!

  5. OMG! Those treats look seriously yummy!

  6. I'm sorry I missed this! Don't get over nipped!

  7. You got lots of goodies! Nip cookies sound pawsome! Your video is funny too!


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