Nov 4, 2012

Rescue Puppy Can't Figure Out the Mirror

Roo the rescue pup was scared of mirrors during her first couple days at her new home, but she soon became more comfortable, and more curious.

Who is that doggie in the mirror? And more importantly, where is she? Around the back? Over on the side? Oh, doggie... Come play with me!

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  1. There's always some weirdo looking back!

  2. DAD!! Come look at the cute DOG in our house!

  3. awww he is trying to be so good by not putting his paws up on the dresser. what a beautiful dog.

  4. ha ha - such a silly doggie.

  5. Roo is learning very fast how to adjust to being in a loving home - car rides, mirrors and the dog park! Wow! Next time she'll catch the frisbees.


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