Nov 9, 2012

Loyal Cat Salutes Owner on Command

What you are about to see is a incredibly rare case of a cat actually acknowledging that she does not rule the house. Not possibly, you say?

See what happens when this kitty's daddy says, "Salute the captain." What a cute thing for a cat to learn!

P.S. We started calling the shelters that we chose for this year's Santa Paws Drive yesterday! These are my favorite phone calls! It is so nice to give some good news and something for all the animals to look forward to!

As we talk to them, I'm posting "sneak peeks" on the Santa Paws Drive Facebook page, so everyone can kind of see what states and countries they are in. Follow along... it's fun!

And thanks to Cute's fab friend, Tamar of I Have Cat, for sharing this cute Cat Salutes Owner on Command video with us!

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  1. Hmmmm... what do they call photoshopping on videos? Cause I say this is that.

  2. that is cute but if I said that to Cody he would say "What are you talking about? I AM "The Captain!!"

  3. Well, d'Artagnan, it ain't! How do I know? Because Flora is my cat, and she was filmed live in my kitchen on my visiting American cousin's mobile phone, who then posted it to YouTube! So, there!
    Have a nice day,



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