Nov 8, 2012

Sleepy Baby Alpaca Dozes Off

Monty the baby alpaca has had a heck of a day. I imagine he probably walked around some, ate some and sat some... and now he's just all tuckered out.

But it's too early, he must be thinking! Can't fall asleep... must... not... fall... zzzzz. (The music makes this so much fun!)

NOTE FROM CUTE: Yesterday, the other elves and I made a last-minute decision that we want this year's Santa Paws Drive to support a shelter affected by Hurricane Sandy. So even though nominations were officially closed Nov. 2, please share if you know a rescue or shelter that could use the help.

We know they could certainly use a little holiday cheer, and we hope we can put a smile on some furry (and human!) faces this holiday season when they need it most.

If you know of a shelter affected by Sandy, please leave a comment on this Facebook thread or here in these comments. I'll be watching both.

Thanks, everyone. I hope you'll help support us this year. We'll start taking donations on Monday!

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  1. Ah, sleep little baby.

  2. That is great music for that video. That is such a good idea to do the Santa paws for a shelter up North. We don't know any, but hopefully someone will suggest one.

  3. Want to cuddle that little fluffy, fuzzy alpaca.

  4. I liked the music....that was really cute! What a sweet baby.


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