Aug 20, 2009

Cat Opens Jar (With No Thumbs? Wow!)

I keep our treats in a jar, so this video kind of tells me I should probably think of something a little more secure... Last thing I want to do is come home from work one day and have both kitties all fat and lazy from having eating an entire jar of cat treats!

How about a cat who catches treats next, please?

*Thanks to Cute's friend Geoffrey for showing us this cute cat video!


  1. That is so great. We must let our Tuxedo cat watch this since he tries very hard to open the screwtop of plastic milk cartons but hasn't got the hang of it yet. Love, Peta x

  2. That is a great video. That is amazing that the cat figured out how to do that. Cats really are smarty pants.

  3. Those are two really talented cats!!!!

  4. Well, if a cat wants something, the cat is going to get it!

  5. If cats had opposable thumbs they would rule the world...


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