Aug 3, 2009

Food-Catching Cat!

There are many techniques cats use when it comes to treat nomming. Some eat off the floor, some off plates and some... well... some play with their food.

This cat plays catch better than some of those high-paid NFL players!

More food antics, please.


  1. Now THIS guy has got it right, he can play on my team anyday (if he shares)

  2. What a good catch! Never saw a cat do that before. I wonder if mine could do that, I'll have to see.

  3. AAAWWW, Black kitty has to learn too!!!

  4. We can catch toys but haven't tried to catch treats before. We need to get more Temptations and work on this trick!

    Angel says thanks for the birthday wishes today!

  5. heh heh. Anything for a treat, right?


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