Aug 22, 2009

Cat "Helps" Make the Bed

Happy Caturday, everyone! A couple days ago we were talking on Twitter about how cats love to "help" make the bed. I know my cat, Moo, makes it absolutely impossible, and after hearing everyone else chime in, he's definitely not the only sheet freak out there.

And then I just found this video... Proof pawsitive!

Want more bed sheet kitty? Here's the sequel. It's getting crazy under there!


  1. The 2 cat making the bed videos are hilarious. We have one who helps, but he thinks helping is just being a big lump in the middle. Not all the activity of this little guy!

  2. I had a cat that stayed under something all the time. When we wanted to find her, we would just look for a lump somewhere.

  3. Farm cat Fred tries to "help" too. Ha! As if he would be any help....

  4. These videos look like us except mom usually plays wid us thru the sheet and we attack her hand!


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