Jun 15, 2009

You Know You're a Cat Person When...

Sometimes you just find one of these LOLcat things that really hits home...

More cute LOLcats, please.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Thanks to our Twitter pal @grpetsupply for pointing this one out!


  1. Oh I am so a cat person because I wouldn't move them! Trouble is, if you sleep on the couch, the cats will find you there and the bed will be open but you won't move so you don't disturb the cats on the couch!

  2. That is so true and only a cat person would understand it. No sacrifice involved - just pure kitty love.

  3. True dat!! There's no end to it really :) Awwww kitty love :)

  4. Sooo true about them just finding you on the couch! It's a never-ending cycle... ;)

  5. I am definitely a cat person...I would not want to disturb them, but I would try to slide in next to them and cuddle. There have been many times that Ellie is sprawled across my chest(when I'm on the couch)and I won't get up if I need to because I don't want to disrupt her...so loved and spoiled!

  6. Our cats don't budge when we try to get into THEIR bed...we kinda work around them LOL


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