Jun 20, 2009

How Cats Get High on Catnip

There's something about catnip that is completely irresistible to cats -- bring home a catnip toy layered in three grocery bags, and they'll still know it's in there. And once they get a good whiff of it...

Do not get between a cat and his nip!



    Every week we have "Catnip Saturday Night" (yes, we have no life). Our cats go nuts. They sniff, snort, chew, and then fight to the near-death. Then they pass out for about 15 hours. Good times.

  2. That is a really interesting video. We have "Catnip Fridays" when Mommy sprinkles catnip on our cardboard scratchers.

  3. A very beautiful video. My Connecticut cousins always get catnip gifts from us and they are allowed to open their own packages. Packages are torn apart to expose the catnip toys well before Christmas!

  4. Hey man....pass the meow mix....

  5. OMG !!!! That is how my Louie acts on nip.  Too bad my catnip plants never get a chance to grow & bloom as it gets destroyed almost immediately !!


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