May 25, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: Celebration of Outstretched Paw

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads!

We have seen a bunch of kitties around the cat blogosphere celebrating the outstretched paw... and Pimp and Moo want to celebrate, too!

The outstretched paw is a very important part of a cat's comfiness. The more comfortable the cat, the more outstretched the paw. Correct, yes?


Moo thinks this table top is pretty darn comfortable... A paw stretched out over the edge.

But this bed is even more comfortable! Just look at that outstretched paw... incredible reach and length!

Pimp is also an great lover of the outstretched paw. In fact, he demonstrates his fondness for the outstretched paw way more than Moo -- you can probably tell how comfortable he is with it by these photos...

The key is to tuck one paw as tightly as possible, and reach the other waaaaay out.

Like so. Kitties, feel free to take notes on the proper form here. Pimp is an expert.

Hope everyone has a great day! Stretch your paws out and relax a little, why don't ya?


  1. Thanks for the demos Moo and Pimp. I'd say you both are "professionals" at outstretched paws.

  2. Oh! Those paws are awesome! We love those pictures!!

  3. Pimp you are really good at the outstretched paw.
    Moo you are too. Those are super photos.
    Hope you have a super day too.

  4. Those are all great outstretched paw pictures! But Pimp we think your technique is the one we are going to try at our house - Moo looks cute but we don't have a good bed for hanging out of like that!

  5. Yep, Pimp and Moo are definitely pros when it comes to the Outstretched Paw. It takes one to know one! :-)

  6. Purrfect display of the Outstretched Paw!

  7. Didn't even need 3d glasses!

  8. Hey Cute! I am stealing this pic of Pimp to use for my "adopt a shelter cat" month post--will provide linkbacks of course :)

  9. I stretch out my hoof, does that count?

  10. Great pics! The last one is my favorite!!

  11. Pawsome paw work my handsome furriends!


  12. My tabby Zorkee Rosebud does that on my chest. Cute!
    Oh, and maybe Moo's middle name should have been Dexter.....for dexterity!! @8-))


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