May 26, 2010

Silly Kitten Suckles the Air

This silly kitty likes to suckle on his fleece blankie, but sometimes he forgets that he doesn't have his blankie there...

His humans said they adopted him after he was found all alone on an island and brought to a shelter when he was only a few weeks old. They got him when he was about a month old, and he's perfectly healthy -- he just likes to suckle! (And what kitten doesn't, right?)

P.S. They also want to make sure everyone knows that they call him "stupid" just to be funny and because he's being silly -- they really, really love him and his super healthy, vet approved. :)


  1. LOL - dat's funny. Very pretty kitty.

  2. BEST cute ever!!

  3. I saw that the other day and laughed and laughed. I especially love his serious expression all the while, like "what's so funny?"

  4. Awww, that is sweet, but I don't like that they are laughing at him!! I hope they give him a big smoochie and hug after laughing at him. :(

  5. Like...whatcha all laughin' at?? 'Just fanning my hot lips! Geeez!


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