May 24, 2010

Adorable Little Kitty Stretch

It can be a little tough to get out of bed on Mondays. Sometimes you just want to lay in bed for a few extra minutes, hit the snooze one more time and get in an extra good stretch before you start your day...

The same goes for cute little kitties!

Thanks to Cute's friend at The Kitten Crew for sharing this adorable kitten stretch video!


  1. That is too cute. Love the way he puts his paws over his eyes. Stretching is good. Great video.

  2. Awww - who can resist a cute, little stretching kitten. Way too cute..

  3. Oh noes, it's morning already!

  4. Oh, like his day is going to be soooooooo hard.
    How adorable!

  5. On Nose.... that's too cute. Very wonderful video.


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