Sep 1, 2009

Two Cats Tuesday: Face It, We're Cute

Yay! It's Two Cats Tuesday again! I already love this weekly feature, and it's only our second time doing it.

Today I'm sharing some of the funniest pictures of Pimp and Moo I've taken. You see, these poor boys are constantly being photographed (well if they weren't so darn cute... sheesh), and sometimes I catch them at juuuuust the right moment. You couldn't plan a better shot!

This is Moo cleaning up after a particularly nommy serving of Greenies treats.

Pimp was sleeping cute, so of course I woke him up with the flash. And yaaaawnnn...

And now it's Moo's turn to do his fierce rawring lion impression. RAWR!

Doesn't Pimp look like an old man here? Why the long face, Pimpy? ;)

I hope you enjoyed Pimp and Moo's silly pictures! Come back next week for more Two Cats craziness -- and be sure to leave Pimp and Moo a comment down there to say hi!

In case you missed last week's Two Cats Tuesday:
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  1. They are adorable! I can see why they are always being photographed!

  2. Love love love these pictures! They are so cute!

  3. OMG you caught some great shots of them here. I often can get a pic of our Tortie yawning...makes for great pics. I think she has a chronic yawning problem ;) .Thanks for sharing those lovlies.

  4. I LOVE Two Cats Tuesday! Pimp & Moo are so adorable!!!

  5. Mom says:

    Absolutely adorable! What cuties! "The Daily Cute" is very well named!

    Us kittehs, we likes your bloggie--be sure to bisit ours! :-)

  6. And here I thought it was going to be all yawns!

  7. Its obvious that the camera loves Pimp & Moo!


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