Apr 27, 2009

Pimp & Moo Get Plague Ratsies!

Officially the best cat toy ever -- plague rats.

If you have cats and haven't heard of plague rats, I'm glad you're here. This is a "need to know" topic. Plague rats are handmade cat toys (made by a woman in the UK) that are loading with special cat-crazy filling, a mixture of catnip and Valerian root.

I just ordered my two cats, Pimp and Moo, a couple and here's how it went down:

Ooh! What is it, mom? Gimme gimme gimme!

Pimp likes to rub his ratsie. Moo is vicious bunny-kicker... fwap-fwap-fwap, rat.

Even the packaging and the plastic bag they came in are fun... (Moo's not in it, he's under it.)

Pimp and Moo, high on plague rats.

If you'd like to order some plague ratsies (highly recommend!) for you cats, you can get them at http://www.plaguerats.co.uk/shop. They're not recommended for young kittens, however, so let's make sure our cats are of legal age before buying them drugs... :)

If you've been lucky enough to get some plague rats, let us know how it went by leaving a comment!


  1. Oh, I must have one of dese (or two) Plague Ratsies!!!! (mmmmmmmmmmmom!)

  2. Hahahaha, that's too cute! I'll order one for my Pumpkin-munchkin!

  3. I so want a Plague Ratsie! I wonder if they will send them to the US?

  4. They do, Daisy! We're in the US... for two ratsies and shipping I think it came out to like $13 dollars -- a bargain.

    They LOVE THEM!

  5. We have 3 cats, all adult enough for nip; my cat Tyler used to moderate the Cat Nippers Tribe on Tribe.net! She has claimed to be growing nip under the house, but we have skunks under there, so are not gonna be crawling around and looking for nip any time soon, LOL. That may be why she chose it. She has a page on my site, www.debzdotcom.mirrorz.com and click on Da Tyler Monster in the menu.

  6. My cats Mulder and Scully got a plague ratsie several weeks ago. Mulder took to it right away, doing the grab-with-front-paws-and-dig-with-hind-paws and tossing it around. Scully took longer, but now like to lick it and tuck it under her paws.

  7. I agree, this is one cat toy that lives up to the hype. The catnip excites the cats and valerian chills them out. The valerian has a strong pungent smell.

    They are really robust even though they are hand made from linen which is just perfect for getting claws into. The shape is great, long but not too fat, and they have a long woollen tail which my cat also loves.
    Delivery is really fast, even though they come from the UK.
    All in all, excellent value for money.

    Catmandu's owner


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