May 2, 2009

Fat Cat Day: Goodnight Streeeeeetch

More "Fat Cat Day" cuteness!

Butterscotch here has had a long day. Clearly. And now it's time to sit on his easy chair and relax, so find a good spot, get comfortable, relaxed and streeeetch...


  1. That's very cute! We think it's hilarious when kitties sit in that position.

  2. I'm noticing one obvious omission from Fat Cat Day...umm...

  3. LOL. Looks like he's done his exercises for the day!

  4. Awww, Vanessa. For. Your. Information... Big Pimp is not as big as he used to be! He's only 13.5 pounds now! (And at his chunky buttiness in Gainesville I think he was up to 22!)

    Yay, Pimp!


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