Oct 6, 2009

Two Cats Tuesday: Where There's a Box, There's a Moo

Two Cats Tuesday again already? Yay!

This week we're talking about something very near and dear to Moo's sweet little cow-cat heart -- boxes. I know all cats love boxes, but Moo luuuurves his boxes.

He loves them so much that I don't have the heart to throw them out. Right now, I have a box in each room; they're essentially almost officially furniture. Observe...

Here's Moo when he was working on "adopting" me. He was still outside, camped out on my back porch making his case to come in for good. (He won, of course.) This is Pimp showing him how boxes are done.

Once he got in, he quickly learned that home is where the box is.

This box originally had shoes in it. Than goodness I got those pesky things out of there... they were in his way!

Then we upgraded to better cable, and he helped me install the new box by captaining the box's box. (I still couldn't figure the darn thing out.)

Boxes are also good for being sneaky in. This one came from our friends at World's Best Cat Litter. There was a bag of litter in there... again, good thing I got it out of there ASAP.

Sometimes objects are smaller than they appear -- he gave this box a valiant effort and, I'm proud to say, eventually squeezed himself snugly in.

And sometimes (just sometimes), when there's no box around, a bag will do.

Do your cats like boxes or bags better? Have any "furniture" like this in your house? Do share...

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  1. Moo is so cute in his boxes! Angel & Isabella love boxes too and we have one permanent one in our living room and three temporary (hopefully) ones in the entry way. What we don't do for our furbabies huh?

  2. What a fabulous assortment of boxes! At our house, a new box hangs around for about a week for our use, then goes in the recycling bin.

  3. We all love the boxes too. And we have them all over the house too. Glad to hear other kitties have their houses full of boxes. Such fun. Love the pictures, they are great.

  4. Nothing better in this world, than a box! Hey, we have the same box from WBCL!

  5. Omg, how much cat fits into such tiny boxes!! Way to go Moo!
    We love boxes too, look:
    Who is it?!
    Ma ne howse, diz ma front porch

  6. Beaded Tail, so true... the things we do. We pick all our furniture to match, keep it clean, decorate nicely -- and then leave ugly cardboard boxes around. Cats! Gotta love 'em.

    Daisy, that's probably a good rule. I should see if Pimp and Moo let me enforce it. ;)

    Marg, thanks! I had no idea I had all these box pictures until I started searching. I know think I may be nuts.

    Creek Cats, I think we all have that box! Haha.

    Chaoskater, that second picture is funny! A very special box... but it still counts.

  7. I LOVES Moo and his boxes! So, so cute :) What a good kitteh!

  8. Pimp is rocking the boxes! How cute. My kitties are more into paper bags than any thing.

  9. I don't know what it is about cats and boxes but you are right.

    Sherpa is trying to drink my coffee right now. The last thing that kitten needs is caffeine!

  10. This is so true! Usually Koko won't even wait until we empty the box, before he has to take it over and sleep in it.

  11. My cats love the UPS man. He brings them a couple of boxes every week.

  12. That is so cute! Cats are funny.

  13. Oh gees, we spent one whole winter with a box from a bathroom cabinet in our family room for the cats. Yeah, I cut little windows it like they were kids, but it kept them busy the WHOLE winter! I think I was the sad one when we finally tossed it!

  14. Pricilla, Sherpa is going to have some major zoomies after the coffee...

    tahtimbo, believe me, Moo doesn't wait. I have to fight him off and then give him the "all clear." Heh.

    Maraly, UPS should be KBS... Kitty Box Service.

    Maybeads, thanks! They are too cute for their own good sometimes.

    Lin, a whole winter?! Now I don't feel so ridiculous. Actually, I'm going to fess up: I got a Christmas card (no lie) 5 years ago. Pimp took to lying on the envelope... and I kept it for him, even after I moved to a new home. It's been probably 3 1/2 years since he did -- and I still have it! Ugh.

  15. I don't think that I'm 2 years behind - but that those cute pics have been posted again! Thanks.
    My male Bobeli isn't so much crazy about the boxes but the tape around them. There is no way I can tear the tape off and "smuggle" it in the trash. He'll smell and find it even when covered with plastic or paper! For me this is a big mistery - why is he liking tape so much? He's especially devoted to tapes around boxes from Amazon. Aren't our furkids just a puzzle to us every day ?


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